Meet our team: Shireen

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Meet one of our lovely team of Project Endo volunteers, blogger and warrior Shireen Hand.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis back in 2005, when I was 21, after suffering with pain during sex, terrible periods and repeated cases of thrush and cystitis since I was 12. I have tried numerous hormone treatments, contraceptive pills and devices and diets but to date, nothing has worked. Over the past few years, my endometriosis has taken a turn for the worse and after being diagnosed with osteopenia, as a result of the hormone treatments, I’ve now been told my endometriosis has spread extensively. It now covers my douglas pouch, bladder, diaphragm, pelvic brim and my ovaries. It’s also caused an adhesion that attaches my ovary to my fallopian tube on the left side of my body and then to my pelvic wall.

I had to give up the career I had worked so hard for in February 2012 after a severe flare up left me unable to drive or barely walk. Since then I’ve been almost housebound and now at 29, I have no real life whatsoever. I spend my days resting and taking a cocktail of high level painkillers and antidepressants and writing about my journey on my my blog – Endometriosis: my life with you. I’m now due to undergo my 4th surgery and I’m praying this will get me back to work and back to leading some sort of life again.

You can follow my journey at where I hope to raise awareness of endometriosis and talk about what life is really like living with a chronic disease.


If you want to volunteer for Project Endo in anyway, please email us

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  2. Meet our team: Shireen | Project: Endo

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