5 Steps to Reducing Endometriosis Pain with Natural Methods.

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The hardest part about Endometriosis is when we have those pain days. You know the ones – the throbbing, the consistent and ever incessant pain that just won’t ease up. It lingers all day and just kinda sits there…. not budging.

I used to reach for the usual Codeine and pain-killers my doctor prescribed, until I worked out that these seemingly harmless “helpers” were contributing to my pain levels. See, for me…. these guys meant more frequent toilet runs to wee and less frequent toilet runs for number two’s! I was usually constipated after taking them and that constipation, made my personal Endometriosis much worse. That bloating and desperate need to “get something out” was often worse than the initial pain I was trying to get over.

So, I decided to explore some natural alternatives, that would perhaps not give me the nasty constipation side-effect.

Here are the 5 Key Step I have used to help me feel better with Endometriosis and that could help you too:

Step 1: Find a herbal pain remedy

This was hard at first. Most of them simply didn’t work. They promised the world but it was all just false marketing! Eventually, I found crampbark and it really did work! I also discovered magnesium tablets and they also eased the muscle tension I was clearly holding in my abdominal area.


Step 2: Get into Castor Oil Packs

I know they are a little bit of a hassle to do and they do require a special pair of “throw away pants” but they are brilliant for pain relief on a more long-term basis. See, Castor Oil Packs work by encouraging lymphatic flow to the area. This means, more blood flowing and circulating and more importantly flushing out of toxins which are sitting in the area.

Castor Oil packs are really inexpensive and are super easy to do. You can watch a free video on how to make your own Castor Oil Pack here.


Step 3: Do some Exercise

Exercise enhances our lymphatic flow and encourages movement throughout the body. Many women with Endometriosis have poor circulation and doing just a little bit of exercise each day, will greatly assist you in feeling better. It doesn’t need to be much…just a 15minute walk each day. My favourite form of exercise is a rebounder! You can jump to music and it works on so many levels. There are many benefits to using a rebounder. You can read more about the benefits of using a rebounder for Endometriosis here.


Step 4: Look at your Stress levels

We are all going through stuff at some point in our lives. We might be looking unhappy in our current job or just feeling overworked or stressed out. These are natural situations and they do occur from time to time. If they have been going on for longer than a few months, it might be a time to reflect and make a change for your health. Jobs are a big chunk of your life and you want to make sure you feel fulfilled and happy with whatever you are doing. It all impacts on your stress levels and ultimately your Endo Pain.


Step 5: Really look at your diet

There are so many fun and fashionable diets out there. I know, I have been a Guinea Pig to many of them! There comes a time when you need to eat foods that fall in line with what your personal body really wants. A point, where you start to listen to your own intuition with food. I know for me, it has taken years to get to a point where I can really listen to my body. Start noticing when you have symptoms or experiences after you eat certain foods. Do you feel bloated, tired or irritable after eating a certain type of food? Do you get an afternoon slump or pain a few hours after eating?

Food really makes a huge difference to our pain levels and contributes dramatically to our healing. Stop listening to what everyone else tells you to eat or some new diet….start listening to what feels right to you. Get educated but also listen to your own bodies needs.


The key element with Endometriosis is not to give up or lose hope. It is easy to do when the pain seems to sometimes strike out of nowhere!

I write a blog, which shares my personal journey with Endometriosis. It has been running since June 2010 and there are over 500 free articles which I share for all the Endo Girls out there. You are not alone and there is heaps of information to help you feel better. You can find my blog at www.endoangel.com. 

There is a free private facebook support group for Endo Girls who are keen to use natural methods.

I used to have Stage 4 Endometriosis and now only experience pain for one day a month. I have energy, I have no more pain and I want more women with Endo to feel as good as I do.


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