Meet our wonderful team of experts and volunteers!

Professor Michael Cooper

Clinical Associate Professor Michael Cooper is a gynaecologist in private practice in Sydney and affiliated with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Sydney University. He is currently a Visiting Medical Officer and Head of Gynaecology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Head of Gynaecology at St Luke’s Hospital, has an appointment at St Vincent’s Private Hospital and is accredited at  Genea (formerly Sydney IVF) for assisted conception/IVF. (See current success rates greater than national average)

His major interest is in the treatment of endometriosis particularly requiring advanced surgical and/or assisted conception techniques (IVF).  He is accredited to perform advanced level laparoscopic surgery at RPAH and in Hong Kong.

A/Prof Cooper graduated from Sydney University in 1984 and received his Fellowship qualification in 1995. He spent extensive time training in endoscopic (keyhole) surgery in Europe, the United Kingdom and America. He initiated one of the early endoscopic training centres for gynaecologists in Australia and is regularly involved in workshops to train other doctors and students. He has been the author of over 50 articles and book chapters published both in Australia and internationally and has spoken widely within Australia and overseas. He has been an invited surgeon to many hospitals in Australia and Asia and currently operates in Hong Kong on an occasional basis.

He was previously a Board Member of the Australian Gynaecological Endoscopy Society and a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy. He has been an advisor to the World Heath Organisation on research and training in gynaecological endoscopic surgery and has performed over 3000 advanced laparoscopic procedures including  over 1000 cases of excision of endometriosis.

Follow him on Twitter @MJWCooper


Jenny Cartwright Ball

Fitness and nutrition has always been a passion of Jenny’s, initially as part of the lifestyle of a professional dancer and dance teacher, and now as a career she loves as a Personal Trainer, Barre Instructor, and Bio Signature Modulation Practitioner.

Specialising in women’s fitness and health, Jenny had a proven track record in creating lean, strong, sculpted and feminine bodies,
through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. Having worked throughout the UK and internationally (including Amansala’s renowned Bikini Bootcamp resort in Mexico), she is now based in London and New York.

At the forefront of Jenny’s practice is what she calls the ‘holy trinity’ of wellness: fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Through combining her fitness and nutritional qualifications, first hand experience and results, she believes a holistic approach to wellness is the best route to lifelong health, strength and happiness.

Jenny is very excited to be joining the team at Project Endo.

Follow Jenny on Twitter @JennyC_B


Mike Sullivan

Confidence Coach, trainer, consultant.

Mike has extensive experience of constructing and delivering high impact training and development programmes both in the UK and abroad in a variety of business and people development areas. He is a highly experienced adviser, board level coach and management trainer with over 20 years experience in both the public and private sectors. Mike has a creative, adaptive and open minded approach to solving the most complex of business issues.

Mike is regularly engaged in development and mentoring programmes for individuals and groups in many specialist areas. His dynamic, funny and straight talking style both engages and motivates his clients. Mike’s courses, programmes and coaching are often described by delegates as life changing experiences and the best they have ever attended!

Mike was formerly a Business Process Consultant at ICI and Commercial Manager at Philips. He holds a BA in English, an Advanced Diploma in Business Coaching and a Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He is passionate about learning and development and his considerable skill in bringing the best out of people is demonstrated in what is often a challenging and sensitive environment.

Read more about Mike on his website and follow him on Twitter.



Jo Gifford

Jo is the Founder and CEO of Project Endo. A designer, copywriter and blogger she has had endometriosis for 17 years and feels passionate about helping others through a 360 view and digital media. Find more from Jo on Dexterous Diva and find her on Twitter @dexdiva.

Lisa Sandercock


Lisa volunteers with our Twitter communications:

I am Cornish through and through and my journey with Endo began when I was 13 being told by my GP that painful periods were normal and something that i would grow out of in time or would definitely improving following pregnancy…. a statement that was repeated numerously and as recently as last year by an Obgyne just last year and is a statement that I really find unprofessional and totally inaccurate!  I really believe that in our struggles with Endo we all become expert patients,sometimes being more aware of management techniques and medical advances.

I am mum to my lovely cheeky miracle son who is my sunshine.  I work for a national Children’s Charity where I work in a service providing advocacy support for children and young people in distressing situations and i am also responsible for recruiting and overseeing volunteers for the charity across Cornwall.   I also volunteer running a children in care youth group and also facilitate outdoor family fun days for disabled children and their families - all which i love.  I am also a director and secretary of a local community enterprise early years nursery setting.

I also attend uni studying child centred & therapeutic practice.
I love music, art, walking, tree surfing and kayaking.


Fiona Abbey

Lisa volunteers with our Twitter communications:

 Fiona, 28, from Glasgow. Was diagnosed 4 years ago and due hysterectomy in December. Currently work as a waitress but putting that on hold for recovery after operation and looking to move into an Admin field. Knowledge of painkillers and heat packs and willing to research to answer any questions.

Shireen Hand

Shireen does our weekly newsround and blogs about endo for us.

 I was diagnosed with endometriosis back in 2005, when I was 21, after suffering with pain during sex, terrible periods and repeated cases of thrush and cystitis since I was 12. I have tried numerous hormone treatments, contraceptive pills and devices and diets but to date, nothing has worked. Over the past few years, my endometriosis has taken a turn for the worse and after being diagnosed with osteopenia, as a result of the hormone treatments, I’ve now been told my endometriosis has spread extensively. It now covers my douglas pouch, bladder, diaphragm, pelvic brim and my ovaries. It’s also caused an adhesion that attaches my ovary to my fallopian tube on the left side of my body and then to my pelvic wall.

I had to give up the career I had worked so hard for in February 2012 after a severe flare up left me unable to drive or barely walk. Since then I’ve been almost housebound and now at 29, I have no real life whatsoever. I spend my days resting and taking a cocktail of high level painkillers and antidepressants and writing about my journey on my my blog – Endometriosis: my life with you. I’m now due to undergo my 4th surgery and I’m praying this will get me back to work and back to leading some sort of life again.

You can follow my journey at where I hope to raise awareness of endometriosis and talk about what life is really like living with a chronic disease.

Helen Kaselov

Helen is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist in MediYoga (Yoga as Medicine – a therapeutic form of Kundalini
Yoga) and a nutrition adviser. She´s the founder of Yoga for Endometriosis & Pelvic pain: Yoga online for women
that want to heal or get better in a natural way with yoga, food & other lifestyle changes.

Helen has a history of severe endometriosis, IBS and burn out and of course a lot of other symptoms that comes
with all this. She´s had endometriosis for more than 20 years and have never felt like any medical treatments
have helped her during those years.

She began doing yoga regularly after being burned out 2005. She noticed how powerful yoga was and how
it affected her in many ways. It helped her getting a balance in life and in her personal development, but also
has been a great tool in handling her pain from endometriosis. But having endometriosis she noticed she had
problems doing many of the yoga poses specifically for the pelvic area, so she designed special yoga sets for
women with endometriosis and other pelvic pains. Together with a good and nourishing diet and other lifestyle
changes it was possible for her to become almost pain free from her endometriosis.

Today she is helping women with endometriosis and pelvic pain online, with yoga, nutrition and other lifestyle
changes. Using yoga both as a tool in different kinds of healing programs, pain management, yoga has become
the foundation in her work. She also has inspirational lectures about nutrition for people with different kind of
illnesses, like MS, stroke etc.

“Yoga can help you in so many ways: Physically, mentally, spiritually and as a personal development tool. Yoga
has totally changed my life in so many ways!”

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