Project Endo has been founded by Jo Gifford, a designer, writer, blogger and endo warrior.

Project Endo sends out daily tips on coping with endometriosis from a 360 view in emails and across all social media channels.

Having lived with the disease for 17 years, she shares her story, coping strategies and healing journey alongside expert interviews, tips, and resources.

Jo says.. “This is a resource from someone who knows exactly how it feels to battle with endometriosis daily. I have collected stories and insights from experts, endo sisters and other practitioners to give you as much useful information as possible to help your own personal endometriosis journey.”

 You will learn about:

✔ The symptoms of endometriosis

✔ How to get diagnosed, and where to go for help

✔ Treatment options and what to expect

✔ My story, things I have tried and what has worked

✔ Nutrition to help manage endo

✔ Coping strategies

✔ Endometriosis and the workplace

✔ Exercise & endometriosis

✔ Stories from endo sisters and expert tips

✔ How the holistic view can aid your health

…and MUCH more.


Connect with Jo on Twitter as @dexdiva and read more from her on her blog Dexterous Diva.