Tulip Online

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Tulip Online

Tulip Online is a brand new initiative for people in the workplace suffering and living with chronic illnesses.

The site acts as a trade union offering support and advice for chronic illness sufferers in the workplace.

They can be found online and on Twitter @TULIP_online


Project Endo wristbands

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Project Endo wristbands

Project Endo wristbands


The Project Endo wristbands are here!

In vibrant yellow, they feature the text #endowarrior // projectendo.com ❤❤  with our logo.

Made from high quality woven fabric they feature a barrel lock to keep secure on your wrist, like a festival wristband;  shower in them, keep them on 24/7 and wear with pride!

Every purchase helps to support us and the work here at Project Endo as well as spreading awareness.

The bands cost £3 each, including postage to the UK, and can be bought using the button below. Please note that due to postage charges, we have had to specify a minmium order of 3 bands to the US, and 2 to post to Europe.


Minimum orders

Clear Passage PT: Get to Know Endo

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Clear Passage endo

In honor of Endometriosis Awareness Month, Clear Passage Physical Therapy is sponsoring an endo treatment give-away! To enter the ?Get to Know Endo? Campaign, simply share your endometriosis story (and photo, if you choose) on the Clear Passage Facebook page ? that?s it! The stories that receive the most ?Likes? will win: ? First Place: A Free 20-hour Treatment Program* ($5,200 value) ? Second Place: A 20% Discount on the 20-hour Treatment Program* ($1,040 value) ? Third Place: A 20% Discount on the 20-hour Treatment Program* ($1,040 value) Clear Passage is a network of clinics to which patients travel from all over the world. You can find more information about Get to Know Endo and Clear Passage here: http://www.clearpassage.com/get-to-know-endo/


The Woman Code and Flo Living

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One of our lovely Project Endo readers alerted us to this new book and programme for endocrine disorders by Flo Living.

Founded by medical trainee Ailisa Virti, herself a sufferer of severe hormone imbalances who left the allopathic medical path to pursue functional nutrition, Flo Living offers coaching and support in making dietary changes for hormone balance.

Check out Alissa on Vimeo here.

Flo Living is here.

For anyone interested in using nutrition to balance hormones it may absolutely be worth a look.


Some tips when you have your period

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Some tips when you have your period

Every month it comes – your period. As women we follow our monthly cycle. What you feel one day can change to another day. Having your period can be terrible days if you have pain and other problems connected to it. But, there are some things you can do to feel better. And there are also things you´d better avoid. The period is a natural state and should not be the hell that so many women are experiencing.

Slow down
The reason you bleed for some days every month, is to get rid of old endometrium (the lining of the uterus). The endometrium is very important to feed good nutrition to the fertilized egg, so it has a chance growing into a baby. During the monthly cycle, the endometrium is built to become as nutritious as possible. If there is no fertilized egg attached to the endometrium, your body flushes it out (the menstruation), and begin to build up a new nutritious endometrium. In this way you can look at it as a monthly cleansing. When it comes to cleansing it is a time to take it a little bit slow. The energy is needed to cleanse.
This is a time for taking care of you a little bit more than usual. Feel your needs .Maybe do some long deep breathing, listening to music, meditating or having a cozy evening at home. Of course you can be active too, it´s always good to move a bit, but you should not push yourself too hard.

It can be good for your digestive system also taking it easy during the period. Especially if you have problems with adhesions on your intestines, or feel pain eliminating. Try not to eat too heavy food. Soups and tasty smoothies are easy to digest. Nice herbal teas that are relaxing can be nice: chamomilla tea or other relaxing teas.

Ginger, lemon & honey tea can be both relaxing and helpful if you have pain: Slice an inch or two of ginger root and boil it in a quart of water for a few minutes. Add some fresh lemon juice and a tsp of organic honey. This is also a drink that is good if you need some more energy.


Things to add in your yoga practice

- There are some nice yoga exercises you can do during the period, if you have pain. You can read about it in this article.
- It´s always good to do some Long Deep Breathings. It calms down your system and is also a good pain relief.
- Meditating is also great to do when you have your period. One simple meditation is to breathe in and out through your left nostril. It has a very calming affect. This is how to do it:

Sit comfortable in easy pose, on a chair or you can also lie down on your back.

Place your right index finger and block the right nostril. Relax your shoulders.

Close your eyes and breathe long and deeply through you left nostril for 5-10 minutes. Keep your focus on the breath all the time.

Things to avoid in your yoga practice

  • Some exercises can make you bleed heavy all of a sudden:

- Don´t apply Root Locks. (A yogic energy lock)
- Don´t do Breath of Fire.  (A rapid, rythmic yogic breathing technique)
- Avoid yoga exercises where you have the pressure on your navel point. It can be crunches, leg lifts, bow pose.

  • Some yoga poses can make the blood  flowing “backwards” and reach your abdominal area and build up new adhesions, when you have endometriosis:

- Avoid yoga exercises where the legs and pelvis is higher than the torso. Like half-wheel pose  shoulder stand etc.


Let your period be a time for reflection, rest and taking care of yourself!

Love ♡♡♡




Fact sheets from the BSGE

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Fact sheets from the BSGE

Becoming an expert patient can be such an empowering way to manage endometriosis.

The BSGE (British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy) is the UK ‘s national body for professional gynae endoscopy practise, and has a great deal of clinical information and the latest research findings that as an endo patient you may find useful.

The site contains links to the BSGE accredited centres nationwide, to enable you to find the best endo surgeon and specialist in your area. There are also many downloadable guideline PDF sheets for best practise in surgery and diagnosis.

You may wish to arm yourself with best practise information and statistics when dealing with your healthcare practitioner.



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Partner’s View on Endo

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This article was written by our Project Endo volunteer Yasmin’s partner.

“Hi everyone, I’m Yasmin’s fiance

She asked me to write a little something and I’ve kinda been not doing that so I’m sorry about that now, I am though :)
We’ve known each other for quite some time and when we were younger we didn’t have a clue about endometriosis, so it was kinda confusing for me sometimes why she’d be really tired alot or suddenly be in pain. I would catch myself thinking  ”is she here to see me or to sleep?” or “how can it hurt so bad?” (more…)

Newsround 2502.

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  • Amy Todd is setting herself 10 challenges this year and fund raising for Endometriosis UK! You can sponsor her here!
  • Be Prepared have started an endometriosis campaign and want our stories! You can submit them here.
  • Louise is raising money for Endometriosis UK by giving up TV for a month! You can sponsor her here!


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