All money raised helps our running costs of Project Endo, and goes towards helping us develop further plans to raise awareness and develop training and resources for endo warriors.

Project Endo is a non profit community interest company, and rlies entirely on funding and donations.

You can do anything you like to raise money, but here are some ideas:

Swish and swap for Project Endo

swish and swap for endo

We all love a girls night in, so what better way to help support Project Endo than to host a swishing evening; you will be supporting our work, it’s a chance to natter to the girls and you will go home with new clothes to boot!

As Project Endo is an entirely digital entity we think it makes sense to keep the Swish and Swap evening organisation digital too. It saves on resources and paper and helps us spread the Project Endo word through social media channels.

We hope this guide helps you to plan and host a fantastic evening to support the work of Project Endo.

Click here to download your step by step guide to hosting a swish evening for Project Endo and help your fellow endo warriors.